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Updating from pip 7.1.0 to pip 9.0.1 in python 3.6 virtualenv on windows

I’m using PyCharm, and I really like it. However, today I ran into a rather annoying problem.

  • I installed Python 3.6
  • I created a virtualenv for a new project
  • I noticed that pip was outdated – version 7.1.0 instead of 9.0.1
  • I tried to update it and things went south; see

The solution can be found buried in that issue, but for a tl;dr:1: Download


Every new virtualenv I create through PyCharm still installs pip 7.1.0.

This is because PyCharm has its own version of pip installed inside %APPDATA%\..\Local\JetBrains\Toolbox\apps\PyCharm-P\ch-0\163.10154.50\helpers.

It looks like a python.egg, only tar.gz’ed. I wanted to add a corresponding file for pip 9.01, but I couldn’t find one online – so I guess I’ll have to wait until PyCharm updates.

Instead, for every 3.6 virtualenv created with old!pip:

Or just create the virtualenvs outside of PyCharm. 🙁